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Top 10 Female Swedish Artists

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Top 10 Female Swedish Artists

1. First Aid Kit -Klara and Johanna Söderberg- two young sisters from the outskirts of Stockholm (born '90 and '93) together are First Aid Kit. They released their first EP "Drunken Trees" in 2008. And now they are out with their first album The Big Black & the Blue

Listen to First Aid Kit here or here.


2. Hajen/Jaw Lesson/Idiot Wind- constantly changes her artist name, but her breathtaking voice is unmistakably Amanda Berggren’s, from a little town in Sweden called Gagnef.  Has not released anything official yet. 

Listen to Hajen/Jaw Lesson/Idiot Wind/Amanda Berggren here or here.


3.  Sophia Somajo -  Writing chinese techno & world hits for her self and others in her living room with a clown and a laptop. Released her first album, "the laptop diaries," in 2008 and recently released "Chinese Techno", a 4 track EP.  She produces and records everything herself.

Listen to Sophia here or here.


4. Laleh- Laleh Pourkarim is an Iranian-Swedish singer/songwriter who left Iran when she was a 1 year old, and came to Sweden when she was 12.  She broke through in 2005, at the age 23, with her self-produced albums in which she sings in three different languages: English, Swedish and Persian. She has won several Swedish music awards, including: Artist of the Year, Producer of the Year, and New Artist of the Year at the Swedish Grammy Awards in 2005. 

Listen to Laleh here or here.


5. Lykke Li  - Lykke Li Timotej Zachrison was born 1986 in the south of Sweden. Her Parents were famous musicians in punk rock & reggae bands back in the day. They moved all around the world when Lykke was a child—living mostly in Portugal; they Wintered in Nepal.  When they moved back to Stockholm, Lykke started making music for real. She released her first album "Youth Novels" in 2008; it was produced by Björn Yttling (from the group "Peter, Bjorn & John). 

Listen to Lykke here or here


6. Robyn - Robin Miriam Carlsson became known in the late nineties for the worldwide dance-pop hits "Show Me Love" and "Do You Know What It Takes" from her debut album, Robyn Is Here (1997). She was 18 years old at the time. The popularity of her & Kleerups #1 hit single "With Every Heartbeat," and the subsequent album release "Robyn," (2005), brought her mainstream success worldwide. She is part way into a trilogy of albums to be released in 2010.

Listen to Robyn here.


7. Ane Brun - a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, real name Ane Brunvoll.  She was born in Norway but has lived in Sweden a long time—so we claim her. Since 2003 she has recorded six albums.  She lives in Stockholm, where she writes, records and runs her own label (Balloon Ranger Recordings)—when not on tour.

 Listen to Ane here or here.


8. Maia Hirasawa - is a Swedish-Japanese artist. Maia became known through another Swedish female artist called "Hello Saferide" for whom she was a back-up singer. Her own solo career began in 2007 with her radio hit "And I found this boy." 

Listen to Maia here or here


9. Veronica Maggio - is a Swedish artist and songwriter of both Swedish and Italian origin. In 2006 Veronica released her debut album "Vatten och Bröd" ("Water and Bread").  Two years later she wrote an album together with the Swedish artist and producer Oskar Linnros and released it with major record label Universal. The album "Och Vinnaren Är..." ("And the winner is...") was warmly received in Sweden and nominated for a Swedish Grammy, among other awards. She will release her third album (in Spring 2011). 

Listen to Veronica here or here.


10. Anna Von Hausswolff (Anna Michaela Ebba Electra von Hausswolff) - born in Gothenburg in 1986. Anna is the daughter of a famous Swedish sound artist.  She studies architecture when not writing music.  She released her debut album, "Singing from the grave," in 2010.

Listen to Anna here or here.



Editor’s note: you can check out the music of Maja Alderin, the author of this list (she is certainly worthy of being on this list herself), here.


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First Aid Kit/Fleet Fox

Their cover of Tiger Mountain Peasant Song disarms me, kills me.